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"Around world journal" is a comprehensive daily electronic news portal that operates according to the authentic professional rules of the journalism profession, which give priority in the journalism industry to produce news and information with absolute credibility, depth of analysis, and transparency of information. "Around world journal" sets this priority as an essential bridge to reach its readers, without prior political or partisan affiliations or ideological, sectarian or sectarian biases. In thought and vision, “Around world journal” is based on a deep and strict belief in the foundations of the civil state that makes the law the first reference, and its movement is balanced by the complete separation of powers, and it adopts the approach of democracy in politics, and freedom in the economy with national responsibility as a basis for development, renaissance and social stability. "Around world journal" is directed at the segment of Elite readers around the world, which is not limited to the elite in the political and financial spheres, but extends to the educated groups distributed among the various segments of the Egyptian middle class, as well as to the segment of consumers of information and news distributed to all segments of society, and extends Also to those looking for enjoyment in the readable press with its informational and entertainment materials.


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